09.11.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN ·       Jodhpur, Dungarpur to be pilot districts for water project ð Jodhpur and Dungarpur have been identified as pilot districts for the Water Security and Climate Adaptation in Rural India (WASCA) project, under which GIS (Geographic Information System) lab-cum-data centres will be set up. These centres will collect data from various departments for capacity … Read more

Rain Water Harvesting

 Rain Water Harvesting Water forms the lifeline of any society. Water is essential for the environment, food security and sustainable development. All the known civilizations have flourished with water source as the base and it is true in the present context too. Availability of drinking water and provision of sanitation facilities are the … Read more

Concept Of State And Sovereignty

 Concept of State and Sovereignty The State is a social contract, a guarantee of social order in exchange for which the citizens agree to reduce their freedom.According to Carré de Malberg, one of France’s leading constitutional scholars, « the state is a community of men attached to a territory with an organization, from … Read more

India Missile

 India’s Missile program   Introduction India’s missile programme took a shot from space programme, beginning 1967.   In 1972, Rohini- a 560 two-stage, solid propulsion sounding rocket was developed and test fired India first launched its small 17-tonne SLV-3 space booster in 1979 India successfully injected the 35 kg Rohini I satellite into … Read more

Eminent Players Of India

 Eminent Players of India Anup Sridhar Anup Sridhar, the 23 years old National Badminton Champion, made a triumphant mark in the year 2005 in the 30th Hungarian International. Winning this prestigious international tournament, Anup Sridhar attracted the attention of many a famous badminton personalities.  Anup Sridhar reached the quarter final of BWF World … Read more

Industries And Industrial Estates Of Hyderabad

 Industries and industrial estates of Hyderabad Hyderabad is a historic beautiful City and is the Capital of Telangana. The city is called “Pearl City” and famous for its twinkling pearls and glass embedded bangles. The city was founded during Qutub Shahi dynasty and was called Bhagyanagar. The present Hyderabad district came into existence … Read more

Determinants Of Nuclear Tests

 Determinants of Nuclear Tests: Pokhran I (1974) and Pokhran II (1998) Pokhran 1 test The emergence of China as fifth nuclear power in October 1964 constituted a significant threat to India’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. The strained relations between the two countries after the 1962 aggression sparked off an acrimonious debate on defence … Read more

Role Of Foreign Capital

                       Role of Foreign Capital and Multinational companies in                         Industrial development of India   The development of any society or country without economic development is a myth. Economic development brings prosperity which in turns is directly proportional to the amount of goods and services produced quantitatively or in broad sense … Read more

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