Agricultural Strategy And Agricultural Policy

 Agricultural Strategy and Agricultural Policy Main Issues In national priority setting, the following recurring and emerging issues for sustainable agricultural development and poverty alleviation must be considered: Population pressure and demographic transition; Resource base degradation and water scarcity; Investment in agriculture, structural adjustment and impact on the poor;  Globalization and implication on the … Read more

Govt Employment

 Govt. employment policy Analysing and Improving Labour Market Data      Availability of detailed, reliable, and comprehensive information on the labour market is critical to meet the employment challenge through well-targeted policies and programmes. At present, the dearth of statistical data on the labour market in India poses serious constraints to employment planning and … Read more

Impact Of Solid Waste; Recycling And Reuse

 Impact of Solid Waste; Recycling and Reuse HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS An effective solid waste management system is necessary to avoid public health disasters, spread of disease by insects and vectors and adverse effect on water and air. Solid waste workers are the most exposed to the risks of parasitic infections and accidents, … Read more

Essence Of Ethics (1)

 Essence of Ethics Ethics   comes from Greek word “ethos” means character, habit, culture, ways of behaviour etc.   Ethics is also called “moral philosophy”. The word “moral” comes from Latin word “mores” which signifies customs, character, behaviour, etc. Thus ethics may be defined as the systematic study of human actions from the point … Read more

21.11.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan government will establish Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Baal Sahitya Academy   The 130th birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, solemnized as Children’s Day, was celebrated with enthusiasm in the state   Chief minister Ashok Gehlot on the occasion said that his government will establish Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Baal Sahitya Academy to promote the … Read more

Development Of Industries During The British Rule

 Development of Industries:- Industrial Development in India during the British Rule:- 1. Subject Matter of Industrial Development 2. Early Efforts of Industrialization 3. Industries in the Inter-War Period (1919-38) 4. Industries during 1939-47 5. Reasons for Low Industrial Development in India.   Subject Matter of Industrial Development: Underdeveloped countries are greatly handicapped by shortage of capital … Read more

Coolie Begar Movement

 Coolie- Begar Movement The Coolie-Begar movement was a non-violent movement by the general public of Kumaun in the Bageshwar town of United Provinces in 1921. This movement was led by Badri Datt Pandey, who was awarded the title of ‘Kumaon Kesari’ after the success of this movement. The aim of this movement was … Read more

20.11.19 Rajasthan [RPSC] Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan to open its huge potash deposits for private sector   After dithering for years, Rajasthan government has now decided to open its huge potash reserves to the private sector through auctions.   Primarily used as a fertilizer, most of the potash deposits are concentrated in Rajasthan in the country, estimated at 2,400 million tonnes, which is around … Read more


Provisional List of Candidates for Eligibility Checking and cut of marks for Sr. Teacher Gr II (Sanskrit Edu.) (Non-TSP) – 2018 (Science)

Coalition Governments In States

 Coalition Governments in States The term coalition is derived from the Latin word ‘coalition’ meaning to go or grow together. Thus it means an act of coalescing or uniting into one body or alliance. It indicates the combination of a number of bodies or parts into one body or whole. In the political … Read more

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