Daily RAS Mains Practice Questions- DMPQ- RAS Mains answer writting practice

AS Mains DMPQ Program under the expert guidence of Sri Shresth Dixit, who will be the program cordinator for the DMPQ Program. Students may contact for any queries with Sri Shresth Dixit on shresth@pscnotes.com.

The most important features of the revised DMPQ are as follows:-

  • Now the model answers will be provided for all the questions of DMPQ.
  • Daily Set will include 6 questions (5 related to GS part of syllabus and 1 related to Rajasthan GK)
  • Questions of DMPQ will be different from the mains test series and it is a humble request to even the subscribers of Mains test series to actively participate in RAS Mains answer Writing practice.
  • Reviews by the Pscnotes.com team will be furnished for the students answers along with suggestion’s.


Rajasthan Specific Mains Practice  Questions

Coming Soon

Below are the latest updates of Daily Mains Practice question

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