Daily RAS Mains Practice Questions- DMPQ

Daily RAS/RTS Mains Practice Questions- DMPQ is a free for all initiative by RAS Free Notes Team just like daily current affairs program to provide 2 questions from each paper daily to cover the entire syllabus of RAS/RTS Mains for the aspirants.

How is it different from our regular test series program?

  • First of all this program will be free and it’s basically a peer group support system where the aspirants themself analyse the ans of others and get mutually benefitted.

How it will work ?

  • The ans could be uploaded or typed in the comment box. It would be beneficial for the RAS/RTS Mains students to write the ans on paper and upload the images in the comment box.

[su_heading]Paper I[/su_heading]

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[su_heading]Paper II[/su_heading]

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[su_heading]Paper III[/su_heading]

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[su_heading]Paper IV[/su_heading]

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