13.02.18 (RPSC) Rajasthan Current Affairs


  • State can leverage land bank to attract industries


  • With the implementation of GST, the scope for using tax as an incentive has gone out of window for the government. Chief minister Vasundhara Raje has to look for other avenues to drive the state’s industrialization and job generation thereof.
    The one nation, one tax (GST) regime has created a level playing field for all states and they are now looking for areas where they can outwit others in attracting industry. For Rajasthan, the new dynamics offers some opportunities which the state can use to its advantage.
  • The desert state is one of the few to be sitting on a huge land bank of about 9,000 hactares. This can be used to incentivize industries, said an expert. Secondly, the state has rolled out investor-friendly policies across sectors after it came to power in December 2013. But the implementation has not matched up with the intent of those policies created. Ease of doing business would be a key catalyst for achieving the goals.


  • Other areas that the budget is expected to focus is on skill development that has been a running theme of this government. Availability of skilled labour is one of the main factors that influence the decision of a company in setting up industries in any location.



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