DMPQ: Discuss the role of INA in the freedom struggle. ( History)

Indian national army idea was conceived by Mohan singh, a prisoner of war, in Malaya. Japan provided the support.  A conference in Bangkok where Ras Behari bose was elected as president of the league and a decision was taken to raise the Indian National army or azad hind fauz to fight for India’s Independence. Finally S C bose took over as commander of INA.

                             Bose formed the provincial government of free India on 21st October, 1943. The role of Subhash Chandra Bose & his Indian National Army(INA), also known as Arzi-e-Hukumat Azad Hind Fauz have been a significant part of Indian Freedom Struggle. INA was an armed force organised by Bose in South Asia.