DMPQ- Elaborate upon the role of Lord Wellesley in the expansion of East India company in India and making it paramount Power. (HISTORY)

LW was governor general of India during 1798-1805 and he played a major role in the expansion of East India Company.  His main objective were to expand British rule in India and to extend the trade relationship of the East India Company bringing as many Indian states as possible under British control  Prevent Indian rulers allying with the French or other European competitors.

he reversed the policy of non-intervention and adopted the policy of Subsidiary Alliance. By this policy the Indian powers were forced to come under British protection by suspending non – British European officers. To achieve his political aims Wellesley relied on three methods: the system of ‘Subsidiary Alliances’, outright war, and the assumption of the territories of previously subordinated rulers. He used these methods to subordinate the Indian states to the paramount authority of the Company.

His term of office for seven years introduced an important phase in the development of British power in India and his policy allowed him to remove all kinds of French influence from India and to make the British the paramount power of the subcontinent. He succeeded in his job by implementing wars as well as by peaceful annexations. He concluded alliances with the weaker native rulers. The company made itself responsible for the defence of the state and gained control of the province’s trade. He also conquered the whole of the Carnatic on the east coast and large areas around Bombay on the west coast. The expansion of the British rule during his reign resulted in the East India Company becoming a paramount power in India. At the time of his returning home Wellesley left the British absolutely supreme in India.


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