DMPQ: Royal Indian Navy mutiny made an impression on the British, that it would be better to leave the country. Explain

  1. This was the incident where the military the major pillar of strength for british empire showed dissatisfaction and internal strife among the naval establishment.  On feb,1846 , a section of non commissioned officers and sailors known as ratings, serving in the royal Indian navy, mutinied against the British officers. The major issue was the hardship regarding pay , food and racial discrimination.  The british commanders made derogatory marks on the nationality of these personnel and the result was that they took possession of some ships, mounted guns over there and started firing.
  2. During the course of the mutiny, the mutineers hoisted three flags belonging to three different political Congress, Muslim league and Communist party. The mutiny was ended by the intervention of sardar patel. The mutineers surrendered but despite the assurances of congress and muslim league, many mutineers were arrested, subjected to court martial and dismissed from the service. The mutiny had a inductive affect on the other parts and other organisation. Similar demands raised which compelled britishers that it would be better to leave the country.



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