DMPQ: Comment on the relevance of State Legislative Council. (Polity)


  • It has not been conceived on the principle of equality of the houses. It is the secondary chamber of state legislature unlike the Rajya sabha which is the second house of the parliament.


  • It cannot amend or reject a bill passed by the assembly by the virtue of its own legislative powers at best it can delay the passage of bill by four months.



  • Hence it can prevent hasty legislation by acting as the revisory house.


  • It also provides opportunity for incorporating talent into the council of ministers. It also serves an opportunity for the members to deliberate and debate on the policy of government. Thereby providing educational value for the people.


  • The 2nd ARC recommended that it should be made compulsory in all the state and its role should transformed to protect the interest of local bodies very similar to the role of Rajya sabha.
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