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DMPQ: Higher teledensity will help to solve various problems. In light of this discuss the recently drafted National telecom policy.

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The national telecom policy in work will focus on complete transition of the country from physical to digital infrastructure, with norms to push availability of high speed and uninterrupted broadband services in mission mode.


  • One of the key strategies in the draft talks of recognising spectrum as a key natural resources for public benefit to achieve India’s Socio-economic goals, optimise availability and utilisation by making adequate spectrum available to the equipped for the new broadband era.


  • On spectrum pricing, there should be optimal pricing of spectrum to ensure sustainable and affordable access to digital communications and simplifying the process of obtaining permissions from various agencies.


  • Light touch licensing/ de licensing for broadband proliferation.
  • Promoting the co-use/ secondary use of spectrum
  • Constituting a Spectrum Advisory team consisting of experts, industry and academia to facilitate the identification of new bands. To facilitate the growth of 5G networks.

Liberalising the spectrum sharing, leasing and trading regime; use of underutilised spectrum and its auctioning. Transparent allocation of spectrum.

  • The draft said the Policy aims to accomplish some of the strategic objectives by 2022 including — Provisioning of Broadband for all, creating four million additional jobs in the digital communications sector, enhancing the contribution of the digital communications sector to eight per cent of India’s GDP from around six per cent in 2017, enhancing India’s contribution to global value chains — and ensuring digital sovereignty.


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