DMPQ: Quality of Air in Delhi is getting worsen day by day. What are the causes for air pollution in Delhi. Suggest ways to deal with the problem of air pollution. ( Envt)

Delhi has become a smoke chamber in the recent past especially in winters. The changes in temperature  and slowing wind traps soot, dust fine and particulate matter. The reasons for air pollution are as follows:

  • Burning of agricultural residue in Punjab and harayana.
  • Farm stubble burning. This reason got aggravated because of the use of mechanical harvester.
  • Burning of urban waste, diesel soot, vehicular exhaust, road and construction dust and power generation.
  • Migration plus rising population beyond carrying capacity is another reason.
  • Lack of consistent action from government.


India has 9 out of 10 most polluted cities in the world and increase in the worsening condition of air quality in Indo-Gangetic cities should compel a decisive shift in the policy. The way ahead can be: