DPPQ- Indian Geography-An Introduction

Question:India latitudenally and longitudenally lies in the following hemissphere respectively

Question:Southernmost point of India is
>>>Indira Point
>>>Indira Island
>>>Indira col
>>>Indira cot

Question:India’s extent is greatest in
>>>Both Equal

Question:Longest coastline of India is in the state of
>>>Andhra Pradesh
>>>West Bengal

Question:Length of the coastline of mainland India is about

Question:Tropic of Cancer doesnt passes through
>>>Madhya Pradesh

Question:India has largest international border with

Question:Which Indian state has the largest International border
>>>Jammu and Kashmir
>>>West Bengal
>>>Arunachal Pradesh

Question:How many Indian states have International border with Nepal

Question:Which line define border between India-China McMohan
>>>Palk Strait

Question:Which line define border between India-Pakistan
>>>Palk Strait
>>>Durand McMohan

Question:Which line define border between India-Afganistan
>>>Palk Strait
>>>Radcliffe McMohan

Question:Which line define border between India-Sri Lanka
>>>Palk Strait
>>>Radcliffe McMohan

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