DPPQ-Early Medieval Age (800-1200 A.D.) – North India-Rajput Age- An Introduction

Question:In the early medival period the term “rajaputra” appeared as
>>>Royal Officials
>>>Royal Feudals
>>>Sun Cult

Question:In Rajput kingdoms it was commonly observed that a loyalty was towards
>>>Rajput social grouping

Question:The first major Rajput kingdom was

Question:Rajputs have not stated lineage from which of the following

Question:Which of the following state the village social structure in Rajput period
>>>Jajmani Pratha
>>>Santh Pratha
>>>Sanathan Dharm
>>>Nirankush Pratha

Question:Chittor Fort was built by the following dynasty

Question:Gurid were a dynasty of

Question:The Guhila dynasty ruled the Medapata (modern Mewar) region from the capital city of

Question:The territory ruled by which of the following was known as Sapadalaksha

Question:Which of the following dynasty is also known as “Tuar”

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