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General Studies Paper-II- RAS/RTS Mains Updated Syllabus

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Detailed Notes for RAS Mains Paper II Notes-Ethics, Science and Geography

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Unit II- General Science & Technology

Nanotechnology :- Concept and its application; Nano Mission of India.
Nuclear technology :- Basic concept, radioactivity and its applications, different types of nuclear reactors, civilian and military uses. Institutional structure for development of nuclear technology in India.
Telecommunication :- Basic concept, Telecom application for socio-economic development of masses, Indian telecom industry with brief history, National Telecom Policy and TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)
Electromagnetic waves, communication systems, basics of computers, uses of information technology, e-governance and e-commerce in administration.
Defence :- Types of missiles with reference to the India Missile Programme; Various chemical and biological weapons ; Role of DRDO in various fields (other than weapons).
States of Matter
Allotropes of carbon.
pH Scale and importance of pH in daily life.
Corrosion and its prevention
Soap and Detergents – Cleansing action of soap.
Polymers and their uses
General awareness of digestive, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, coordination and reproductive system of Humans
Application of Biotechnology and concerned Ethical and Intellectual Property Right Issues.
 Food and Human Health : General Awareness of Balanced and Unbalanced Food, Malnutrition, Intoxicants, Blood, Blood Group and Immunity (Antigen, Antibodies), Blood Transfusion, Immunization & Vaccination.
Human diseases : Communicable & Non Communicable Diseases, Acute and Chronic Diseases; Causes and Prevention of Infectious, Genetic and Lifestyle Disease.
Water quality and water purification.
Public Health Initiatives with special reference to the State of Rajasthan.
Contribution of Indian Scientists in Science and Technology.
Ecosystem : Structure and Function.
 Atmosphere : Composition and Basic nutrient cycling (Nitrogen, Carbon and Water Cycles)
 Climate Change; Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy.
 Environmental Pollution and Degradation; Waste Management.
Biodiversity and its conservation with special reference to the state of Rajasthan.
 Water Conservation with special reference to the Traditional Systems in the State of Rajasthan.
Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Dairy and Animal Husbandry with special reference to Rajasthan.

Unit III- Earth Science (Geography & Geology)

Part B- India
 Broad Physical Features: Mountains, Plateaus, Plains, Lakes and Glaciers.
 Major Physiographic divisions of India.
 Climate- Origin of Monsoon, Seasonal Climatic conditions, Distribution of rainfall and climatic regions,
 Natural Resources: (a) Water, Forest, Soil (b) Rocks & Mineral: Types and their uses
 Population: Growth, Distribution and Density, Sex-ratio, Literacy, urban and Rural Population.
Part C- Rajasthan
 Broad Physical Features: Mountains, Plateaus, Plains, Rivers and Lakes.
 Major Physiographic Regions.
 Natural Vegetation and Climate.
 Livestock, Wildlife and its Conversation.
 Agriculture- Major Crops.
 Mineral Resources: (i) Metallic Minerals- Types, distribution and Industrial uses and their conservation.
(ii)Non- Metallic Minerals- Types, distribution and Industrial uses and their conservation.
 Energy Resources: Conventional and Non-conventional
 Population and Tribes.

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