29-30.07.18 (RPSC) Rajasthan Current Affairs


  • Family planning slips in state


  • Rajasthan has slipped on the family planning front despite efforts by the state health department, with 32 districts showing negative trends, according to the latest review report of the programme.


  • Methods of contraception include sterilisation, IUD (intrauterine device) insertion, PPIUCD (postpartum Intrauterine contraceptive device) insertion, oral pills and condoms.


  • The report said sterilisation decreased in the state during 2017-18 by 10.65%, IUD insertion by 21.23%, PPIUCD insertion by 8.55%, condom users by 15.41% and oral pill (OP) users by 20.79%. Sterilisation data shows that against the target of 350,000 in 2017-18, the health department could achieve 249860 (71.49%). In2016-17, the achievement was 82.14%.


  • Of the 34 districts, Ajmer and Jaipur-ii showed positive trends on sterilisation. Pali district of western Rajasthan is at the bottom with 29.39% decrease on sterilisation, and the chief minister’s home district Jhalawar recorded 22.91% decline.


  • Baran is on the top with 94.91% achievement against the allotted target, but it registered 3.98% fall compared to last year. Rajsamand district is at the bottom during 2017-18, with an achievement of 36.40%.


  • Male sterilisation recorded a sharp drop. Data revealed that male sterilisation in the state was 8,140 in 2010-11, but it dropped to 2553 in 2017-18.


  • users decreased by 20.79 percentage points. Against the target of 495,977, the health department could achieve 323,131 (65.15%) in 2017-18.


  • Six districts have shown positive trends on OP users. Against the target of 9472, Dungarpur scored 11945 (126.10%). Jalore is at the bottom with a decrease of 61.25%.


  • Against the target of 427,106 on IUD insertions, the health department achieved 418155 (97.90%). Sirohi achieved more than 6.24% of the target. Barmer is at the bottom, recording a decline of 41.89 percentage points, the report said.