13-14.10.18 (RPSC) Rajasthan Current Affairs


  • Unemployment rate higher in state than national average, says report


  • Rajasthan has higher unemployment than the national average, according to data released by centre for sustainable employment.


  • The percentage of unemployment rate within the state was 7.7% whereas the national average was 5.6% in August 2018.


  • The unemployment rate among women in the state was 36.7% which is almost triple of the national average of 13.6%,The data showed only 29 women out of every 100 men are employed in Rajasthan. Among the women of age group 20-24, the unemployment rate is 93% whereas among men of the same age group, the percentage is 35%.


  • The national average for the same age group amounts to be 23% and 55% for women and men, respectively.