Rajasthan Economy Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise


1-  Throw some light on the problems experienced in the implementation of MNREGA. 6

2- Sustainable Development. 4

3- Bank Rate. 2


4- Describe the importance of 11th Five year plan in economic development of Rajasthan. 6

4(b)- Indicator of Economic Development. 4

5- Micro Finance. 2

6- Green Accounting. 2


7- Explain in detail the recent programmes for improving the condition and development of roads of Rajasthan. 6

8- Current state of cooperative societies of Rajasthan. 4


9- State about the main source of income relating to the state of Rajasthan. 6


10- Mention any five sectors /areas which would be crucial in the development of Rajasthan in the 21st Century. Explain why? 6

11- Explain salient features of economy of Rajasthan. 4


12- Write five main positive and negative points in assessing the development of Rajasthan after Independence. 6


13- Discuss the distribution of formulae based central assistance for state plans. Suggest modifications , if any , to make it favourable to Rajasthan. 6

13(a)- What are the major problems in the development of cooperative movement? 6

14- Write a short note on the development plans of Rajasthan. 4

15- Nabard. 2


16 – Rajasthan continue to lag behind in Socio-Economic development . Examine this statement and give comments. 20



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