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Raj gk is an important part for RAS Prelims and Mains Examination as the weitage in RAS Prelims for  Raj gk question
is about 40 percent which is increasing with every passing exam. Raj gk online test for RAS prelims exam by RAS Free Notes are essential for the success of students as it provide a leading edge to the students with 24 Tests.

Their are several raj gk book for Hindi Medium students like Lakshya and others but English Medium students are left with no other option the a book by Dr Bhalla or raj gk notes by few online websites like ours.

We have updated all the notes for Rajasthan GK trying to solve the issues faced in RAS Prelims Exam 2013 and RAS Prelims Exam 2018.

We have the following Bifurcation for the Raj GK PDF Notes for RAS Prelims Exam 2018.

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